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Boiler Repair

When you need to take a bath, but it’s too cold, you need warm water.  An Electric water heating system is the solution to your problem.

What is an Electric Water Heating system?Electric Boiler

It is the most common water heater used in homes. It has two electrical resistance heating element which the current passes through in the middle and the bottom of a tank. Its electric unit was wired and had a 240-volt circuit. Through a thermostat, the power disseminated to a different element. The thermostat which is a switch that detects the water temperature, the switch automatically closed to allow the current to flow and opens when the temperature reaches the preset limit.

Benefits of Electric Water Heating system

  • Convenience

Set them where you want, the electric water heater doesn’t need a larger space to set them up.

  • Energy Efficiency

It allows you to install a timer to monitor the amount of water that was heated. It helps us conserve water, energy, and cost by burning only enough amount of water that you need.

  • Quicker Access

You can have a quicker access to hot water with a short period, no need to wait long.

  • Quick installation

You don’t need to consider tearing your wall to install. It has less cost to pay.

  • Safer

It uses electricity to heat the water.

  • Longer Lifespan

The electric water heater lasts longer because it consists of fewer parts. And there are no critical parts, and repairs for it are quicker and at ease.

Common electric water heater problemDismay

  • Water leaking

If there is a leak near the top, it may be some loose pipe outlet. If there is a leak from the bottom, it can be typically because of normal condensation, maybe an overflow pipe of water being burst out from the valve because it releases some excess pressure from the tank.

  • There is no hot water

Check first the circuit breaker if it has tripped. If it is not the problem then maybe the heating element failed and needs replacing.

  • Not enough hot water

It can be a thermostat problem. Try to adjust the water temperature in the thermostat for your desired heat. It can also be loose wiring and faulty thermostat.

  • Water is too hot

Try to lower the temperature in the thermostat. If not working, then it could be time to change your thermostat.

  • It takes too long to re-heat the water

It depends on the recovery time for the water to be re-heated.

  • Low hot water pressure

Maybe because there is a small hot water pressure with ½ inch diameter galvanised piping. Its solution is to install a ¾ inch piping to allow more water to flow.

  • Strange noise from the water heater

It can be a noise from a leak somewhere the area and sometimes a too much pressure inside the tank.

  • Coloured water or dirty

This is a scale build-up on the heating residue, that making its way to the water outlet, if the water is discoloured or rusty.

  • Smelly hot water

It can be the cause of bacteria inside the tank. You need to replace the rod or put some powdered anode rod to get rid of the stinky smell on the water.

To an extended service of your water heater, it is best to perform a regular maintenance in your water heater. Whether you are planning to install, repair and if there is a problem with your water heater it is best to seek for help to the authority who knows it best to solve the issue.

Whether you wanted your water heater to get fixed or planning to get a new one, ask for expert advice. Some may get too sceptical about this idea because they are thinking of added costs. Well, it may be true of some service providers but not the experts here in the area of Exeter. We are always ready to extend their expert advice to ensure that we provide quality service. When it is about the best water heater installation and repair, we are the experts that you can always count on.

Installation and Repair at its Best

Water heaters are one of the important installations that any household should have. Aside from it is highly needed during the freezing winter seasons, it is also in demand for homeowners who want a warm shower. If your shower no longer supplies that warm water, this should already raise suspicion to you. Some of these issues often arise even without any warning signs. Just like with other installations, there must be something wrong with your heater.

Common signs that your heater calls for water heater installation and repair solution are the following:

  • Extreme temperature than its normal one
  • Hot water shortage
  • Unpleasant smell and water discoloration
  • The water’s temperature is lukewarm
  • Weird noises can be heard from the tank

When you noticed some of the signs mentioned above, this already calls for expert help. Your water heater is already malfunctioning, and if the issue is not solved soon, you will be needing to get a new unit. Getting a new unit would mean getting a new set of costs that you need have budgeted. Don’t worry, before everything comes to worst; you can just contact the best service provider in your area for our water heater installation and repair services.

Why Choose us?

Our water heater installation and repair company in Exeter has been trusted by many with the quality of work and products that they offer. We are experienced when it comes to repairing as well as installation for various water heaters. Whether you are planning to get the tank-less, gas or electric water heater, rest assured that we will provide the service that matches your expectations.

Here are the great things that you can get if you seek for expert help with our Water heater installation and repair:Guaranteed Work

  • Consistent and Quality Hot Water – there will no more freezing early morning showers. Our water heater units are durable, ensuring you the consistent quality of water that you truly need.
  • Comfort + Convenience –comfort is what matters most. That is why it is best to have the issue fixed as soon as possible to bring back the hot water convenience especially during the coldest season.
  • Lower Water and Energy Bills – malfunctioning water heaters can also contribute to a higher energy and water consumption. You should have it fixed by the experts which will help you save on your next bill.

Why look for other providers when you can find the one near you? Contact us and get the expert help that you need.

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